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Subana is a foreign trade company that started its activity in 2017. It aims to provide customers with support and consultancy on market research, export and import issues and to deliver industrial and agricultural products produced by business partners to world markets. Focused on customer service at the highest level and aims to take place among the important companies in foreign trade of our country in a short time with its experienced staff.


Subana acts in order to create, raise and sustain the brand value of the customer's products on the global market. Keeping customer loyalty and satisfaction on top of everything, has no aim to do spot basis jobs, but rather provide permanent services. Quality, customer satisfaction and honesty are the basic principles at every stage of business processes. "

Some of our products are fresh fruits, dry fruits and vegatables, carrot, dry tomatoes, medical equipment, clinker & cement, massage bed, legume products, lentils rice, bean, chickpeas, sesame products, halvah, cacao, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs. For more info please check our

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