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Ethyl Alcohol 96
( Denaturated )

Cas. No. 64-17-5

We can supply in bulk or barreled for Medical or Industrial usage. Vegetable, made by Sugar Cane. Natural ethyl alcohol or denature ethyl alcohol are also available . Will be delivered at your custom. 


Fast, regular supply, standard quality and competitive price .

Ethyl Acetate
Cas.No. 141-78-6

Hot Melt Types

Ethyl Alcohol
Ethyl Acetate Analysis_page-0001.jpg

Polyamide and Polyester Types we can send the analysis report according to your needs.

Mono Ethylene Glycol MEG

As antifreeze in emulsion paints, aqueous systems. It is used as a solvent for casein, gelatin, dextrin, some phenol-formaldehyde resins, alkyd resins and dyestuffs. It also gives the paint slipperiness and ease of application. Mono ethylene glycol is also used as a heat-transfer agent.

Triethylene Glycol TEG

Triethylene Glycol (TEG) is a larger molecule than MEG, DEG and has two ether groups. It is less clear and less hygroscopic than DEG, but has a higher boiling point, density and viscosity.

MEG Mono Ethylen Glycol.jpg
TED Triethylen Glycol.jpg

Diethylene Glycol DEG

Diethylene glycol (DEG) is a colorless, virtually odorless liquid with a sweet taste typically used in antifreeze solutions and as a solvent for many products.

DEG Diethylen Glycol.jpg

Vinyl Acetate Monomer

Vinyl acetate is used in the manufacture of unbreakable glass and in the manufacture of gas tanks. Vinyl acetate is used in finishing applications in the textile industry. It is also used for vinyl acetate, latex paint, paper coatings and adhesives.

SLES Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), known as sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is used in care and cleaning products such as soaps, shampoos, toothpaste.

It is a very common anionic detergent surfactant. SLES is an affordable and good foamer. It is naturally derived from palm kernel oil or coconut oil.

SLES is synthesized industrially by ethoxylation of dodecyl alcohol derived from palm kernel oil or coconut oil. The resulting ethoxylate is converted to a half sulfuric acid ester which is neutralized by conversion to the sodium salt. This surfactant sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as sodium dodecyl sulfate or SDS) is produced similarly, but without the ethoxylation step.

Used for electrophoretic separation of proteins and lipids; It is used as a wetting agent and especially in the textile industry.

It is also used in food additives as an emulsifier and thickener.

Ethyl Alcohol
Ethyl Acetate
Ethylene Glycol

Labsa Lineer Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid

Labsa, consisting of a mixture of alkyl benzene and sulfuric acid, is in brownish liquid form.

It is formed by the SO3 reaction of linear alkyl benzene and is one of the most important raw materials in the detergent production process.
Obtaining the desired detergent; It is achieved by neutralizing the labsan with caustic soda and adding the necessary additives.

Rock Phosphate G7

Rock Phosphate is available to produce fertilizer. You can check analysis report.

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